International funds bought an additional $ 1.300 mn of Public Debt in September.

César Arias, general director of Public Credit and National Treasury of Colombia, announced that the country once again registered a record high in foreign investment in the public debt market during September. According to information published by that entity, international funds made purchases for $ 1.3 billion. September is the fifth consecutive month in which there have been capital inflows for this concept.

Colombian coffee production falls 9% in September

Colombia's coffee production fell 9% year-on-year in September to 995,000 60-kilo bags, due to lower sales amid sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Colombian coffee exports, the world's leading producer of washed arabica, fell 12% to 886,000 bags. Colombia began harvesting its main annual coffee crop in August, with aims to collect up to 7.8 million 60-kilo bags.

Colombian public transport systems facing daily deficit of $ 2.9 mm

Colombia´s public transport systems have been badly hit by the pandemic. Restrictions have eased but occupation remains low. According to the Latin American Association of Integrated Systems for Sustainable Urban Movement (Simus), there is currently a daily deficit of more than $ 2.9 million in the eight systems of Colombia´s main cities (Transmilenio, Medellín Metro, Megabus, Metrolínea, MÍO, Transmetro, Metroplús and Transcaribe), a 79% loss in daily revenue when compared to pre-COVID19 levels. The pandemic has reduced daily journeys by 20%, from 5.3 million in february to 1.33 million in lockdown.

Colombia’s first fracking could start in late 2021: energy minister

The first fracking in Colombia could come by the end of 2021, after companies obtain necessary environmental permits, energy minister Diego Mesa said. The Colombian government expects to sign the first contracts for pilot projects in November and December and complete environmental impact assessments in the first half of 2021. If this goes as planned, the government of Ivan Duque "will be able to evaluate the pilot projects before the end of his term, which is August 2022," Mesa said.

Colombia Investment Summit will attract foreign investment of $ 1.3 billion

With 13 announcements of foreign direct investment for $ 1,300 million, which according to investors will generate 2,900 new jobs, the sixth version of the Colombia Investment Summit will begin, the most important FDI summit in the country. The projects will span across the BPO, software and IT development, agroindustry, metalworking, construction materials, industries 4.0, telecommunications, and chemicals and life sciences sectors in Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Atlántico, Risaralda, Santander, Valle and Bogotá.