20% decrease in deforestation in 2020, to cut by half by 2022: Duque

President Duque said deforestation in Colombia has been slashed by almost 20% during his first two years in office, speaking in an interview for Reuters Events Responsible Business USA. “We have set the goal of reducing (deforestation) by 50% by the end of our administration,” Duque said. Government plans to plant 180 million trees by August 2022 will offset some destruction. This year, some 38 million trees have been planted. In 2018 and 2019 Colombia lost 356,053 hectares, while the millions of new trees are expected to cover some 300,000 hectares. According to the government, deforestation has fallen in part due to policies promoting sustainable use of natural resources, as well as paying thousands of rural and indigenous families to assist in conservation efforts.

Source: Reuters