Colombia´s Colcap index down 27%; Bank securities, the hardest hit

The Colombian stock market is one of the most affected by the volatility of last March and despite the fact that most equity indices have recovered, the Colcap of the Colombian Stock Exchange registers a depreciation of 27%. Bank shares have been the most affected. The worst performing stocks are Grupo Inversiones Suramericana (-41.98%) Preferential Bancolombia (-41.88%) Banco Davivienda (-40.63%) Ordinary Bancolombia (-40.16%) and Ecopetrol (-39.67 %). The market’s downturn is evident from the fact that so far this year only three shares show positive results : Mineros (17.69%), ISA (14.90%) and Grupo Energía Bogota (10.36%).

Source: Portafolio