New 2.7 gWh/year solar plant inaugurated in southwest Colombia

A new Solar farm for self-generation of energy was inaugurated in the Cauca department, southwest Colombia. The plant was built by the Promigas subsidiary, CEO (Compañía Energética de Occidente), and Colombina, and will supply 20% of the electricity demand of the latter´s biscuit plant in the town of Santander de Quilichao. The system will produce more than 2,716,000 kWh / year of energy, for which 4,860 solar panels were installed.

$23.6 mn to fund digital transformation of media companies in Colombia

The Colombian government will allocate $23.6mn through a public fund to support the digital transformation of media companies (press, radio and TV), the ICT ministry (MinTIC) said. The government argued that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affected all productive sectors in the country, including the media, hence the need to support commercial and public interest radio stations, public television channels and community radio stations. ICT minister Karen Abudinen said funds had been earmarked in the federal budget for 2021.

Colombia reveals roadmap to increase commercial rail network by 156%

The Colombian Government presented the Railway Master Plan, a strategy of the Intersectorial Infrastructure Commission, led by Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez, to expand the multimodal network and strengthen the national railways. According to National Planning (DNP), the goal is for the country to go from 420 to 1,077 kilometers with commercial operation by rail, an increase of the network by 156%. The plan envisions three stages: national-scale corridors, oceanic interconnection corridors and regional-scale corridors.