External debt in Colombia reached 52.6% of GDP as of September

According to Banco de la República, as of September 2020 "the country's public and private external debt totaled $ 147,373 million, 8.25% more than that registered in the same month last year when it totaled $ 136,141 million. As a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product, as of September of this year the country's external debt stood at 52.6%, above the 42.1% registered in the same month of 2019. Lastly, it reported that as of September of this year, the public external debt totaled $ 82,706 million, while the private debt totaled $ 64,666 million.

The Colombian Congress approved expanding the Nation’s debt quota by $ 14 bn

The Senate of Colombia approved the expansion of the debt quota for the Nation by $ 14 billion, concluding its process in the legislature and passing it to sanction by the president. In addition, the legislation also expanded the Nation's guarantee quota to public credit operations contracted by state and territorial entities by $ 3 billion.

At $1.05 bn, foreign capital funds, largest buyers of Colombian public debt in November

During the past month, according to a consolidated report by Davivienda Corredor, foreign equity funds became the largest buyers of treasury securities (TES) in Colombia, increasing their portfolio by $1.05 billion. Pension and severance funds were the second largest buyer in November, with a net increase in the portfolio of $ 633 million.

Colombia’s Celsia completes 10-MW PV plant

Colombian power company Celsia SA put into operation a 9.9-MW photovoltaic park in Colombia. The solar power plant, with an investment of $10.3 mn, was developed in partnership with investment fund Cubico Sustainable Investments with which the company plans to develop 650 MW of new solar projects next year. With 37,876 solar panels, the PV park's output is equivalent to the consumption of 6,000 local families. Celsia expects it to be able to offset 194,775 tonnes of CO2 emissions during its 25 year life cycle. The solar farm will also supply Grupo Diana's rice plant with 31% of its production while the remaining energy will be fed directly into the Colombian grid. With this new addition, Celsia reaches 54.43 MW of PV generation in Colombia.

Colombia’s Fenoco coal railings at nine-year low; est. 35 mn t in 2020

Colombian coal railway Fenoco is on track to rail less than 40mn t this year — the lowest since at least 2011 — amid suspensions at mining firms Prodeco and CNR. Fenoco coal railings fell by 29pc on the year to 32.9mn t in January-November, according to figures from infrastructure agency ANI. If railings maintain the 2.98mn t/month January-November pace, Fenoco's coal shipments will total 35.9mn t, which would be sharply lower than ANI's 48.5mn t target and down by 14.4mn t on the year.