Ecopetrol expects to invest between $3.5 and $4 billion in 2021

Ecopetrol informed that its Board of Directors approved the 2021 organic investment plan for the Ecopetrol Group (GE) for an estimated amount of $3.5 to $4 billion. With regards to unconventional reservoirs (YNC for its acronym in Spanish), investments of approximately $600 million are planned for the scaling up of development activities in the US Permian Basin in Texas. Investments for the development of initiatives related to Integral Research Pilot Projects for Unconventional Deposits (PPII) in the Mid-Magdalena Valley Basin are also expected to continue. Approximately $150 million is expected to be invested in the decarbonization agenda, including noteworthy tasks in energy efficiency, leakage and vent reduction projects as well as the construction of the Rubiales Solar Park.

Source: PRnewswire