Colombian power project pipeline hits 16GW

Energy ministry planning unit UPME has 322 active projects in its registry with combined capacity of 16.02GW. Solar accounts for 218 projects totalling 7.77GW, hydropower 76 projects (3.47GW), wind 20 projects (3.16GW), thermal six projects (1.60GW) and biomass two projects (25MW). Some 9.03GW are the subject of initial feasibility studies while 6.93GW are in the permitting phase and 60MW in the final development stage. The 1,140MW Nencol 5 thermoelectric station in the Caribbean coastal city of Santa Marta remains the biggest project in UPME’s registry, followed by the 800MW Micay hydroelectric plant. Next is the the 700MW Sebastosol solar complex, the 648MW La Paz hydropower dam, the 600MW Cuestecitas solar park and the 500MW Kappa wind complex.

Source: Bnamericas