First fracking pilot project signed in Colombia

The Colombian National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) and Ecopetrol signed the contract to carry out the first fracking pilot project in Colombia, called the Kale Research Project, located in the Middle Magdalena Valley. The Kale project will become the first fracking pilot to be developed in Colombia in order to assess whether or not the country can produce and commercialize hydrocarbons extracted from unconventional deposits. In total, there are four fracking pilots that will be developed in Colombia and would bring investments of more than $ 400 million. Three of the four projects will be carried out in the Middle Magdalena Valley basin and will be operated by Ecopetrol, ConocoPhilips and ExxonMobil, while the fourth initiative will be developed in the Cesar-Ranchería basin (La Guajira) by the Drummond company.

Source: Dinero