Colombia will issue debt for more than $ 19 bn to finance 2021

The Colombian Ministry of Finance issued a decree that establishes the conditions to issue treasury securities (TES) for $ 11.6 billion to finance the 2021 budget and for $7.6 billion for temporary treasury operations. The first article of Decree 1769 orders the issuance of class B TES for up to $ 11.6 billion in Colombian legal currency to finance the appropriations of the General Budget of the Nation for the fiscal period of 2021. The Finance decree also orders the issuance of TES Class B for up to $ 7.6 billion to finance temporary treasury operations. The term of these debt securities must be greater than 30 calendar days and less than one year. In the 2020 Medium-Term Fiscal Framework, the Government has contemplated emissions of TES for $ 15.6 billion for 2021.

Source: Dinero