Colombia’s GDP to contact by 7% in 2020, and grow 4.8% in 2021: Fedesarrollo

The Colombian think tank Fedesarrollo delivered a new report on economic prospects for Colombia. The Colombian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would contract 7% as of December (6.8% is what the National Government expects), which represents a more pessimistic outlook from the 6.5% forecast in November last year. However, Fedesarrollo improves its projection for the end of this 2021. While in November of last year it saw an economic rebound between 3.5% and 4.4%, now it expects the rebound to be 4.8% ( 5% is the official bet). Fedesarrollo expects the GNC’s gross debt to be at 65.2% of GDP in 2020.

Source: Valora Analitik