Government of Colombia launched bonds in two tranches for $2.09 bn

Colombia launched bonds for $ 2,090 million in two tranches, including the reopening of its debt in 2031 and a new 40-year paper. The latter, as reported by Reuters, becomes the longest-term foreign debt placement in the country's history. The country has returned to the international capital markets with its longest-maturing dollar bond, a move that seeks to take advantage of low borrowing costs and further boost debt obligations. The Government is selling $ 1.3 billion in a 40-year bond with a benchmark Treasury bond yield spread plus 201 basis points, along with $ 790 million of its existing debt maturing in 2031. Likewise, it has offered to buy back up to $ 7.5 billion in outstanding global bonds maturing this decade. Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan will lead the operation.

Colombia’s total external debt reaches a new all-time high at 54% of GDP

In October 2020, Colombia's public and private external debt totaled $ 147,285 million, a figure that according to the Banco de la República, represents an increase of 6.7% compared to that registered in the same month of 2019, when it was $ 137,972 million. As a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the country's External Debt stood at 54.8% as of October 2020, above the 42.7% registered in the tenth month of 2019 and registers a new historical maximum . The previous data was located at 53.6% of GDP.

Colombia placed $71.9 mn in short-term domestic debt with a historical minimum rate of 1,95%

The Colombian Ministry of Finance placed on the market today about $ 71.9 million in nominal value in Short-Term Treasury Securities (TCO) for the reference denominated in pesos with maturity on December 7, 2021. Purchase requests were received for $ 221.5 million in nominal value, that is, 3.08 times the amount offered. The cut-off interest rate was 1,949%, four points below the last auction, constituting a new all-time low.

Colombia produced 80% of power from renewables in December 2020

Renewables and large hydropower plants (HPPs) in Colombia were behind 80.01% of the nation’s electricity production in December, slightly down from 80.6% recorded a month earlier. The latest summary by XM Compania de Expertos en Mercados, operator of the Colombian national interconnected system (SIN), shows that the power production from clean energy plants dropped by 2.95% month-on-month to an average of 158.38 GWh per day in December.

Isagen acquires two solar plants in Colombia

Isagen reported on the acquisition of the first two solar plants in Colombia, located in Puerto Gaitán, Meta: Llanos 4, with 27.4 MWp, and Llanos 5, with 25 MWp, which will be ready to operate in early 2022. The company alsoeported on the progress in the Guajira I project, for a construction of the 20 MW wind farm. This initiative will start operating in La Guajira in early 2022.