Government of Colombia launched bonds in two tranches for $2.09 bn

Colombia launched bonds for $ 2,090 million in two tranches, including the reopening of its debt in 2031 and a new 40-year paper. The latter, as reported by Reuters, becomes the longest-term foreign debt placement in the country’s history. The country has returned to the international capital markets with its longest-maturing dollar bond, a move that seeks to take advantage of low borrowing costs and further boost debt obligations. The Government is selling $ 1.3 billion in a 40-year bond with a benchmark Treasury bond yield spread plus 201 basis points, along with $ 790 million of its existing debt maturing in 2031. Likewise, it has offered to buy back up to $ 7.5 billion in outstanding global bonds maturing this decade. Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan will lead the operation.

Source: La República