Colombia to issue $575 mn in Green bond auctions in 2021

Colombia plans to take advantage of the rise in socially conscious investing with the offering of its first green bonds. The government will issue as much as $ 575 million of the notes in monthly auctions in the second half of the year, and will continue the sales beyond that, said Cesar Arias, director of public credit. The peso notes will fund renewable energy generation, fleets of fuel-efficient vehicles and projects that fight deforestation, Arias said in an interview on Thursday. They will likely have a 20-year maturity.

Sales of Evs and hybrids in Colombia increased by 50% in 2020; will continue to grow into 2021

Although 2020 represented a severe blow to the automotive sector, as it closed with 188,655 new registrations, a 28.5% drop compared to 2019, hybrid and electric vehicles were the big winners. In 2020, 6,011 units were sold, thus doubling the record of 3,134 in 2019. Industry forecasts a 60% YoY frowth in 2021, with 10,000 units sold.