$56 mn guarantee for coffee region’s new airport

The Superior Council of Fiscal Policy of Colombia (Confis) conceded a financial guarantee of $ 56 million (COP198,119 million) to build the Palestina Coffee Airport in the country's coffee region. This amount tops up to COP 250,000 million previously granted by the government. In total, the central government assumes 84.3% of the project's costs, estimated at $70 million (COP 531,858 million).

Colombian Economy to rebound up to 5,8% this year

Different financial institutions have revealed their economic forecast for 2021, ranging from 3,5 to 5,8%. Among those, JP Morgan estimates the highest rate (5,8%), followed by Corficolombiana and Banco Davivienda (5.3%)%. However, the Government's forecast is lower ( 5%), followed by the Central Bank (4.5%). Sectors such as infrastructure construction and oil are expected to rebound the highest.