Colombina S.A has invested more than $5 million in wastewater treatment plants

Over the past three years, candy manufacturer Colombina S.A. has invested $ 5.5 million (Co$ 20,600 million) in wastewater treatment plants in its seven production plants. Investment works include actions to capture and use rainwater. Last year, the company also inaugurated a solar farm with 4,890 panels in Cauca, producing more than 2,716,000 kWh/year and cutting GHG emissions by 1,000 tons. Following these investments, Colombina has been listed in the bronze category of the S&P Sustainability 2021 Yearbook.

Colombia’s ISA preparing to issue $400 mn in bonds this year

Colombian conglomerate ISA is gearing up to issue $400 million in bonds globally this year, to finance part of its investments, and will sell its technology subsidiary Internexa, the company's chief executive said on Friday. "We want to grow the roads businesses from 18% of income to 25%, we are looking for opportunities in Colombia and Peru especially, but also in Chile and, if possible, in other countries as well," sad ISA CEO Bernardo Vargas.

Sustainable funds compete against traditional investment in Colombia

According to Portfolio, over the past years, several Colombian companies have incorporated ESG factors into their investment portfolio. From these, Colombian Stockbroker, Acciones y Valores, launched FORE, the first private equity that considers carbon offset certificates. Bancolombia bank has funded sustainable projects for more than $1.5 billion (Co$ 4.7 billion). Pension fund administrator Porvenir has incorporated long-term and fixed-rate investment opportunities under ESG standards, starting at $54(Co$ 200,000); among other companies.