Bovespa to sale its shares in the Colombian Stock Exchange market

In a regional move to sell its shares in various local stock exchange markets, Brasilian Bovespa decided to sell its shares in the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (BCS), the Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL), the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) and the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV). In Colombia, it seeks to trade all its shares (6.1%), for which it initially paid $39 billion. According to Bovespa, this move responds to a strategy change, prioritizing its own local financial equity market.

Four regions to start the energy transition program in Colombia

The departments of Magdalena, Atlántico, Sucre and Córdoba have been selected to start the energy transition into renewable energies, informed the Ministry of Energy. According to the government, the topographic characteristics of these departments are ideal for the generation of wind and solar energy and its connection to the National Transmission System (STN).

PepsiCo invests $158 to increase production

PepsiCo is investing $158 million this year in a new production line in Funza and a new manufacturing plant in Guarne (Antioquia), revealed Colombia PepsiCo's CEO, Gustavo Salas. The company is also investing $ 700,000, in association with the InterAmerican Development Bank and Save Water Network, in potable water infrastructure to give 932 people access to clean water in La Guajira.

Net income of Colombian brokers falls by 11%

According to the Financial Superintendency of Colombia (SFC), in February 2021 the profit of brokerage companies fell by 11% to $9.8 million (Co$ 26,881 million), compared to the same month last year. The brokers with the highest earnings were Valores Bancolombia ($2.34 million), Credicorop (1.6 million) and Alianza Valores ($837,000). This change is related to an increase in the interest rate in the US and investors looking for more solid markets.